An old friend

Had some horrible news yesterday. A childhood friend lost her life while riding her bike. A truck took her out while she was on her way to work. She was about a year older than me, my grandmother and her father and step mother are best friends and she’s been in my life in some way or form since as long as I can remember. We were nothing more than childhood acquaintances but when these things happen they hit you somewhat harder than you would think. It’s just sad.

Nobody is meant to go when they are just 33, that the time when we all start to mellow and start thinking about getting real estate, pets, mortgages, kids, ulcers, back pains, a sensible music taste, a full set of cutlery, matching dishes, a permanent partner that for once understands YOU, a bike that’s not stolen, real friends, really REAL friends, fewer friends.

You start appreciating the people that are still around from when you were in your teens and even though you all fucked up a whole bunch of times through the years, they’re still there, somewhere in your life somewhere, doing their thing and they might call you up out off the blue and say:

“Hi, how’s it going? I got your number such and such, lost my phone about three times since we last spoke, hahaha.. Long time since last, man.. Huh, what? Yeah, I’m all good, you know, staying busy. How’s your Gran doing? Really? Oh, that’s nice. Give her my love, okay? Yeah, I’ll tell them you said hello too, they’ll appreciate that. Anyways, I got this thing you might be able to help me with, nothing big, just…”

It’s sad, really. I’m glad that for once I have a bike that’s not stolen and a girl who loves me for me and friends that will be there for me if the sky starts to rain misery. The dishes, the ulcer, the pets, the kids, the real estate, the sensible music taste, and most definately the mortgages will have to wait a bit longer though.

Here’s what I was listening to while writing this.


One response

  1. Stakkels, det er så trist, men jeg er glad for at du besluttede dig for at skrive om det.

    February 10, 2010 at 3:14 pm

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