Stuff that truely amazes me

Best Song Ever

My homie Ras Money got me on to this joint.

Crazy good.


Nice Try.

Dear Pato Siebenhaar,

I am Barrister Joumard Zongo, a personal attorney to (late) Mr. E. Siebenhaar, who dwelt and worked here for more than twenty years as a major contractor and businessman.

To the best of my knowledge, before his death, he had an investment deposit totaling more than Twenty Million Five hundred thousand United States Dollars(US$20.500.000.00) with the major bank here and now they have asked me to provide a next of kin if there is, or the estate will then revert to the government and so it would be lost.

Please contact me direct with my office email address thus: ( for easy communication.

Thanks for your prompt response.



Når ordet AWESOME er okay at bruge!

Skud ud til Rasserpresser for den her guldklump!

Very artsy and very spanish.

Normally this isn’t my thing but this is so well done, that even a hater like me can’t put a finger on it.

Think, for fuck’s sake!

M.I.A. just released a mixtape called ViCKi LEEKX. Judging by the title, she’s referring to Wikileaks. Wikileaks works because people send them stuff ANONYMOUSLY.

Therefore it would make sense that people got M.I.A.’s new tape ANONYMOUSLY?


You have to give them your freakin’ email address to download the tape. I mean, come on.. It’s the sheer stupidity and ignorance that pisses me off. Get it here ANONYMOUSLY! …Or don’t. this is just a straight provocation. This chick has lost any grip on reality a LONG time ago and in no way possible do I support her shit, this is just to make an example of a dumb move.

She has made her fame by pop culture references and by not getting her shit straight, this is the way she will fall.

Die Antwoord Roskilde 2010

Big up Guru!

I was sad to hear that Guru of Gang Starr fame has been hospitalized and is reportedly in a coma. Here’s my all time favorite joint.

Get well soon homie!

Jon Stewart doing great coke head impersonation!

Vic Ruggerio

I got to give a shout out to one of the greatest living artists and inspirations I know off. From the lyrics, to the straight up songwriting skills, to his showmanship, down to the very sound of his voice.

Leader of (arguably) the best current ska band in the world, The Slackers, Mr. Vic Ruggerio is also an accomplished solo artist. Especially his “Something in My Blindspot” (Buy it on Itunes) album has stuck with me since I first picked it up at the merch stand after a Slackers show in Copenhagen a year and half ago.

Here he is doing a great version of “Lonely Nights” with Lisa Müller.

Smod Cast!

One of my favorite internet phenomenons is the somewhat childish, somewhat purile and definitely hilarious ramblings of Mr. Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. Honored Cheese blog readers, I give you Smodcast!