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Big shouts out to Mr. Simon Weyhe and his blog at The Bistro for this Pony gem from some drunken night at RUST.

Bornholm 4 Life #1

Bornholm har altid været et dejligt sted. Jeg har efterhånden spillet derovre flere gange end jeg kan huske og hver gang har været fantastisk. I disse tider hvor hele øen er i undtagelsestilstand så tænker jeg tilbage på foråret og en herlig tur med Ponyen. Her kommer den første af 3 posts.

Bornholm Ain’t Nuthin’ 2 Fuck Wit’!

Silkeborg Headbanger Squad

Fat Lip Looking SOB

I’m writing this because I’m a vain cunt.

Well, aren’t we all?

I’m in the middel of a tour right now with the White Pony crew, supporting Denmark’s biggest current band, Nephew. This weekend we did two sold out shows in Århus, Denmark’s second largest city. Driving home on Sunday, I could feel that I was beat up. Not so much physically, though I hadn’t been that active on stage since 2003, back in my skapunk heyday.  It was mental. I was dead tired and stressed out, not a situation I find myself in very often since I’m a chilled cat and I’m fairly good at planning ahead, but those two gigs fucked me over. First my voice turned in to the croak of cancerous hungover bullfrog. That’s okay, I thought, tea and sleep will clear that up. I’d been coughing a bit the weeks before , so I knew that I had some minor cold banging around internal but nothing really serious.

And then my lip started feeling funny.

Somehow. back in the early 00’ties, I kissed the wrong girl or mistakenly drank out of the wrong glass, the result being that when I’m really stressed out, and feeling a little under the weather and haven’t been getting the right amount of sleep, my fucking cold sore starts expanding my lip with a white fungus of death that blooms up over night, leaving my mouth looking lopsided and swelled up on the right side of my face.

It’s herpes. H-E-R-P-E-S.

It will never go away. The disease i mean. Once you have it, it’s yours for life. The sore itself will be gone in about 2 weeks. This is, under normal conditions, pretty sucky because it means that I can’t kiss my beautiful girlfriend for what seems like forever. But the illness or whatever will never go away, it’s just there, waiting for me to have too much fun, and having fun is what this tour is all about.

Did I mention that the tour is not over, not over at all? No no no, from tonight, we play 5 sold out shows in a venue where I as a little punk saw the Beastie Boys, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and where I last performed inside a boxing ring at some twisted poker event. It’s a huge place, used for indoor tennis tournaments and shit. We’re talking about 4-5000 people a night, for 5 nights straight. On top of that we have 3 additional gigs, a support party for a skate program in Afghanistan and 2 afterparties for the Nephew gigs. And the week after that we have 3 more support gigs in Herning, Odense (literally means Odin’s as in  Odin’s place, old capital of Denmark) and we finish off in Ålborg, with afterparty duties in Odense and Ålborg.

I’m a vain cunt, I like looking good. Especially when I’m about to go out in front of a crowd of 4000+, where half the people there think I suck and would I please get on with it so the people they actually payed good money for can get on stage?

Fat Lips McGee here hates this shit and hope this will get well soon. Which it will. In about two weeks, when the tour is done.

Oy vey!

Here’s a video from saturdays show in Århus.

New Pony Tees!

Coming soon!!!

Cheese Life

Random shots from the harddrive.

Lé Monstré!

Somtimes I go outside

Recording “Down At Jimmies” music video

X-mas Hip Hop-ing at Cars10’s get down at Saxon’s

White Pony steeze

Today is the release day for “K Town Stomp“, the first instalment from the White Pony crew.

Here’s some danish links to various reviews —>

Danish cats can get the album at Itunes by cicking here!